Join us for the 2009 Project!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hello. Would you like to join us for our 2009 The Invention of Hugo  Book Blog Project? This is the first year of this project but we have many great ideas planned.   We are scheduled to do the book blog project between February 23 through April 3rd.  

If you would like to join us - either an entire class, just yourself, a couple of students would love to read, etc. - just e-mail Erik Wittmer at

We have had interest from several classrooms around the country and would love to have you join us.


Erik Wittmer


Rita said...

I am interested . I'm a newbie to blogs.

Wesley Robinson said...

Thanks for posting your interesting idea about using Hugo Cabret. A bunch of us 4th grade teachers are reading it, and we will try to get something going with your project. We'll try to check back soon!

Bryan said...

I am glad your class is so excited about this book and what a great way to share your excitement with others!

I have subscribed to your blog and will try to give your students some comments when they post their work.

Keep up the great work!


Library Lady said...

Hooray for kids and teachers who are passionate about GREAT books!! I am sooooooo excited to see the Hugo project take flight. Don't forget there are lots of copies of the book at your school library :)

Mrs. Resh

Anonymous said...

As a school librarian, I am just about to embark on a new opportunity for my 3-5th graders, who will soon be voting for their favorite book on this year's list for the PA Young Reader's Choice Award. Hugo is on the list! I'll be using it as my demo title for students posting their own ratings and recommendations on our new library software for users to read. We already knew they loved it because the copies have been flying off the library shelves since a couple of us read the book to some groups BEFORE it won the Caldecott. Now this willbe a grander-scale opportunity for those who want it.

Mrs. Swanger said...

What I find truly amazing, is that I have a very chatty class - yet when we read this story, they are truly MESMERIZED! Not even the same class!

Amb09 said...

i would be more than happy to join!! i read the book already 3 times!!

Jack said...

I'm very excited to start reading this book, it is one of the featured books on The Book Report (, which is a review show you can also listen to online, love it.