Let's Try This Again

Saturday, August 8, 2009

After putting thought into what went wrong last year with this idea, I am now able to let you know what went wrong and how I am going to fix it for this upcoming school year.

My mistake was very simple in that I had already read Hugo to my students in the beginning of the year and to try and read it again in February and keep their attention wasn't fair. To make matters even worse, most of the students were reading it on their own. You live and learn from your mistakes.

With that being said, I am going to hold off reading Hugo to the incoming class until February 1st, 2010. We will try this again as a collaborative project. I will be sure to keep it updated, moving along and interesting for everyone who participates. Please pass the word on to other classes that might be interested and I will be sure to remind everyone via twitter, facebook and old fashioned email in December and January.

Thanks for understanding and the best of luck this coming school year!